Spring crop Tan Cuong Green Tea

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    I have been drinking Tan Cuong spring tea for many years. On a day in the mountains, you will be as sad as rainwater in a clay pot if you don’t drink Tan Cuong tea.

Tan Cuong spring tea in memory

For tea lovers, the famous Tan Cuong spring tea on the occasion of the ripe spring is the best. It has a slight cold of winter, a little spring rain, and a little pristine sunshine seeping into each tea petal.

People before long-distance also become weak, like drinking tea when hungry. But the hungry years, why don’t you drink tea, but the life around Tan Cuong teapot is so calm and peaceful.

It still wants to be cold early, but some hot air is getting lost in this mission. I ran through the green grass, through the flower pots trying to pop out tiny buds, and then gently wished for a cup of Tan Cuong spring tea; I miss it.


Picking Tan Cuong tea in the spring crop.

Suddenly there was a very light pat on the shoulder, a bookish person I still remember from the other side of the street. Uncle called me to sit next to the teapot of the spring crop Tan Cuong brewed on the porch where the peach branches were incubating tiny buds. I can see the blue water drops showing off the white porcelain colour.

Feel the taste of Tan Cuong spring tea

Tan Cuong spring tea flavour is not strong because of the things that are marinated together. Tea is still tea, irritated by habits and yellowing memories. I drank that intoxicating yeast began to gradually infiltrate, starting to be a dream of green buds, mountain dew, golden sunshine, sweet rain, and bitter cold. The tea buds have been exposed to all colours of emotions and thoughts.

The more I drink tea, the more I feel like I’m being purified, leaving the most ethereal and most anxious part. Always like that, around the teapot are many stories of young and old, the world, and the ancient times as if re-enacted.

Since that day, I often run across the street to drink Tan Cuong spring tea with my uncle. Strangely enough, the road had only one older adult, but it was named after the beginning of the season. People often talk to their soul mates; I don’t like to make my teapot and then sit alone on the balcony because I want my feet to walk. The logic of tea helps me to dash and overcome lingering hesitations.


Alone by the Tan Cuong teapot on a winter night.

Today, Tan Cuong teapot is back in spring. The outer layer of porcelain glaze had not been warmed; I saw a tea wing curled up in the water and then turned around in the cup. No, it’s just a matter of tea; tea is always tea to those sitting and sipping sweet flavours, no matter what season it is.

Hold a cup of Tan Cuong spring tea in your hand and enjoy, have understood many things!

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